Dear Incoming Resident/Fellow:

Welcome to our GME community!  We are excited to introduce you to our campus and include you in our team in a few months!

Below you’ll find some resources and information that may be helpful:

Pre-Employment Health Screening

All incoming residents and fellows are required to complete a Pre-Employment Appointment which includes Health and Drug Screening with UCMC’s Occupational Medicine Office. Please refer to the GME Policy “Pre-Commencement Drug Testing” for further details. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Latassa Love, GME Operations Manager, via email at

Institutional Orientation Dates for incoming residents and fellows:

  • PGY 1 residents: June 13-June 23rd (please note that detailed orientation schedules vary by specialty)
  • PGY 2+ residents: July 1st (institutional orientation).
  • Fellows in Anes, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery*: July 1st
  • Fellows in Medicine and Pediatrics: July 5th (institutional orientation). Please note that your program may have activities scheduled prior to this date, but no sooner than July 1st.
  • Fellows in Orthopaedics & some surgical specialties: Contract start date is August 1st. Your program will coordinate orientation activities. There is no institutional orientation. Video recordings will be made available of specific sessions.
  • If you are joining one of our programs “off-cycle,” meaning on a date other than those listed above, your program coordinator will provide you more detailed information about your start date and orientation schedule.

Housing/Where to Live

Chicago is a vibrant city with many neighborhoods. The University of Chicago maintains this website and related resources, which you may find helpful:

As you explore financing options, please be aware that you also have access to the Maroon Financial Credit Union as an employee of the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM). Please note that proof of employment with UCM may be required.

Hyde Park

The main University of Chicago campus is located in Hyde Park. Hyde Park is among the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago and is full of great restaurants and businesses. Learn more about Hyde Park.

Getting Around

Learn more about getting around Chicago and Hyde Park:*

*Please note that information about parking at the above link is for University faculty, staff, students NOT UChicago Medicine Employees.

Parking at UChicago Medicine

There are several parking options at UChicago Medicine. Residents/Fellows receive discounted parking. The monthly parking deduction for residents/fellows is $25/month.