At University of Chicago, our goal is to educate the next generation of physicians and to provide outstanding care for our patient community.   With over 950 resident and fellow physician learners, our health care teams work on the front line of care.  In these roles, they need the appropriate skills to provide excellent health care in a constantly evolving health care milieu. Our academic community promotes evidence based learning, ignites innovation and values diversity and inclusion as cornerstones of our advancements in education, clinical care, research and discovery.   The clinical learning environment nurtures health care provider wellbeing, requires adequate supervision, supports safe transitions of care and inspires interprofessional collaboration.  Patient care excels through our focus on quality improvement, patient safety, communication and professionalism.  We champion multidisciplinary systems-based advancements to foster performance improvement efforts, patient advocacy and health equity. Our residency and fellowship graduates develop an enduring spirit of lifelong learning, empathy, and scholarship, which empowers them to lead changes in our health care system.  They become prominent leaders with local, regional, national and global impact.